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Meet Dr Joanna McMillan

Vitamix is excited to announce our new partnership with Australia’s leading nutritionist, Dr Joanna McMillan. Dr Joanna and Vitamix share the same mission; We aim to make healthy eating effortless and enjoyable. Please join the movement today for your free recipe e-Book, monthly newsletter and to learn more valuable information from Dr Joanna and Vitamix Australia.

The Vitamix Real Food Movement

At Vitamix we care about the health and wellbeing of our community and encourage YOU and your community to take responsibility for your health by incorporating more real foods into your diet.

What are real foods?

At Vitamix, we define real food as "Food in its most natural state".

While there are many different ideas about the best way to eat, pretty much anyone you speak to will agree that food has an enormous impact on our health, but also on the way we feel from day to day. When you eat well you have more energy, your skin is more radiant, you can concentrate better, you perform better during exercise, your mood is improved and of course you find it easier to control your weight.

So what is eating well? Despite the various views and different dietary approaches out there, there are some very clear foundations that research studies show time and time again to be unequivocal. The most important of these is that eating more plant food is vital.

The other stand out point is that eating too many modern highly processed foods is a problem. These foods are where you get the wrong type of fat such as trans fats, too much added refined sugar, too much refined starch and too many undesirable additives. By focussing on what we call "real food" - food in its most natural state, you nourish and support yourself as nature intended.

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  1. Stephanie Rice, Olympic Gold Medallist
  2. Dr Joanna McMillan, PhD Qualified Nutritionist, Author & Health Presenter. Founder of Dr Joanna & Get Lean.
  3. Rachel Finch, TV Host, Model
  4. Janella Purcell, Naturopath, Wholefood Chef, Nutritionist and Author
  5. Pete Jacobs, Ironman World Champion
  6. Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer
  7. Dr Libby Brown, Nutritional Biochemist, Author and Speaker
  8. Kemi Nekvapil, Kemi's Raw Kitchen Founderer and Raw Food Advocate
  9. Tess Masters, The Blender Girl, Healthy Cook and Author
  10. Luke and Scott, Media personalities, Personal Trainers and Authors
  11. Jess Sepel, Health Blogger, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach
  12. Sarah Wilson, Journalist, Blogger and Author
  13. Sigourney Cantelo, Beauty Expert and Founder of Beauticate
  14. Lola Berry, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher