Vitamix 7@7 Go-for-Green Breakfast Challenge

Meet the Komadina and Patterson families.

They met with Janella Purcell, nutritionist and author to kick-start their Vitamix 7@7 Go-for-Green Breakfast Challenge: one green smoothie, with at least 7 fruit and vegetables, every morning at 7am, every day for 7 days. This is their story. What will be yours?

What is the Vitamix 7@7 Go-for-Green Breakfast Challenge?

Vitamix Australia surveyed the nation about its breakfast eating habits*. Many of us skip breakfast altogether. Some of us eat standing up. Most of us eat nutritionally barren cereal and toast. One in four of us eat white toast.

We are starved of the recommended daily intake of seven fruit and vegetables, and the health, wellness and energy benefits whole foods unlock. Perhaps we're getting our greens at lunch, or dinner? Not usually. According to the Vitamix 7@7 Breakfast Research 2013, almost 1 in 2 Australians get two or less serves of fruits and vegetables every day.

The answer? Re-claim breakfast, and our health, with the Vitamix 7@7 Go-for-Green Breakfast Challenge: at 7am every day, have a green smoothie with at least 7 fruit and vegetables, and do it for at least 7 days.

Our busy lifestyles mean breakfast is increasingly rushed - 75% of us spend less than 15 minutes a day on "the most important meal of the day" - your Vitamix 7@7 Breakfast Challenge is all about using your time better (it takes 5 minutes to make a green breakfast smoothie!), live the difference, then inspire others by sharing your experience!

* Research conducted by I-view, Australia’s leading market and social research collection agency, in May 2013 via the I-view Online Omnibus to 1,053 respondents to be statistically representative of the Australian population.

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  1. Vogue Health & Beauty Director, Sigourney Cantelo
  2. "Fast Ed" Halmagyi, Better Homes & Gardens TV Presenter, Chef & Author
  3. Janella Purcell, Naturopath, Wholefood Chef, Nutritionist and best-selling Author
  4. Ironman World Champion, Pete Jacobs
  5. Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef, Chef, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer
  6. Kemi's Raw Kitchen founder & raw food advocate, Kemi Nekvapil
  7. Channel 7 TV personality & Swiish lifestyle blog founder, Sally Obermeder
MEDIA: Vitamix 7@7 Australian Breakfast Research 2013 findings report, press release, high-res photography, audio and video footage can be found here.